Plasma cut custom metal signs for business, home & garden. Sundax offer a wide variety of custom designed metal pieces for signage, personal wall art, word art Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, stainless steel, aluminum.

We can cut your unique design to reflect your personality and message whether it be a sign for work or home, address plaque, wall or garden art or maybe that special gift the recipient can treasure forever knowing you didn’t just buy it but helped create it as well.
The samples shown here are but a sampling of what is available. Any and all can be changed in size, content, material and finish. we design and cut to suit you.

Material Thickness:  Standard Gauge 14 (.0747)  Other thick available
Colors: Click here to see color options
Each piece is unique, please send an email with the design you want with the size specifications

Plasma Metal Cut Signs 

Plasma Metal Cut Signs Gallery

Please indicate all the details of your project, each project are unique.