Cast  Metal casting is a 6,000-year-old process that has clearly withstood the test of time. A mold of sand or clay is crafted to the desired shape before molten bronze or aluminum is poured and allowed to solidify. The result is a durable, one-piece plaque that can be finished and mounted to fit the desired application.

   We can produce bronze castings up to 96" in diameter and aluminum castings of even greater dimensions. All of our facilities melt their metal using  nonpolluting electric furnaces, and use only prime grade, lead- and mercury-free alloys.

  You should consider ordering a cast plaque from Sundax if your plaque order requires: 

     Integral sculpting and background textures

     Greater depth and dimension

     Sizes up to 96" circular diameter

     Letters 1/4" or taller - font style may vary

     Higher level of recycled content

     Multiple castings of identical plaques - discounts available

     Greater selection of border styles and mounting options

Precision Tooled

Sundax has the best pricing and fastest deliver of solid aluminum, bronze and brass plaques. The following are distinct benefits of buying precision tooled plaques from Sundax: 

    • Fastest production time in the industry-an average of ten days

    • Detailed letters, logos, Braille and standard borders without extra costs

    • Any size up to 40” x 84” in any fractional dimension

    • Letters as small as 1/4” high with crisp, clean, deep edges-font style may vary

    • Aluminum, bronze and brass metal options

    • Thin gauge 1/8” plaques available up to 24” x 24”

    • Lower carbon footprint than cast products

Acrylic Sign 

Acrylic signs are economical displays that you can use to promote your products or services.

 Custom acrylic signs come in a variety of options. Choose a dimensional cut acrylic logo sign, or a frosted or clear acrylic panel sign.

Plasma Cut Metal Sign and Letters

Create custom metal art designs on signs, yard decor, wall art, 
Metal Art Work. Privacy panels. Custom parts. Decorative gussets. 

These Metal cut outs are completely custom and made to order! 

Is constructed of heavy-gauge steel with a durable paint finish for a long-lasting, colorful finish. Includes mounting holes. 


 We can offer full service in our product.

  Our installation professionals have the experience and credentials
to facilitate your installation.

 Our installation personnel are fully insured and can install 
 architectural plaques and letters.

Or with your order we can provide template with a brief
description how to install cast bronze plaque or any letters.

Please contact us for you project needs.

Old Plaques Restoration

If you would like to bring your existing plaque back to life with a fresh background coating and new brushed satin raised copy,  Sundax rejuvenation program may be for you. After restored it will look like new.

Just send us a picture of your plaques and the dimension and we quote for you . Here is a sample for one of our project . From a 1980 plaque  and the finish looks like a brand new plaque.

   Process:  Sandblasted down to the raw metal removing all of the old finish and discoloration. A new background color is then applied followed by a baked on clear coat.
Low cost process and have a plaque as if it had not aged.